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Nonprofit Discount
50% discount on all paid plans
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1: Sign up for Wufoo

2: Get a copy of your Form 990

3: Fill out the application: https://master.wufoo.com/forms/wufoo-nonprofit-discount/

4: Upgrade your account and you will be approved on the nonprofit plan.

Nonprofit Usage

Wufoo is a web-based form-building tool designed to help non-profits collect information and donations.

It’s not as robust as some other web-based form builders, like Google Forms, but Wufoo does offer some features that make it an excellent tool for non-profits.

The basic functionality of Wufoo is that it allows non-profits to create an information or donation form and then manage that form after it’s been submitted.

For example, a non-profit can create a form on their website and then use Wufoo to track who has filled out that form and what information they’ve given.

Wufoo also offers some additional features like integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook. Here are some specific reasons why Wufoo is an excellent tool for non-profits:

- Wufoo is incredibly easy to use. You can literally just create a form by filling in a few fields and you’re good to go.

- Wufoo has a free plan that allows you to collect up to 100 submissions per month and a paid plan that allows you to collect unlimited submissions. Also a nonprofit discount!

- It’s the perfect form tool for small non-profits with a small budget.

- Wufoo also offers a free plan with limited functionality and it uses a freemium model where you pay only if you need additional functionality.

- The free plan allows you to collect 100 submissions per month and the paid plans range from $19 to $299 per month.

- This pricing structure is very affordable for small non-profits and organizations. It’s also a good way to test Wufoo before you commit to a paid plan.

Wufoo can be used for anything

Wufoo is also really versatile. Non-profits can use it to collect information from supporters and donors, to collect product feedback, to gather feedback on events, or to collect donations. Wufoo is not limited to just collecting information, it can be also used for many different types of non-profit projects. You can also customize Wufoo forms to meet your needs. You can add custom fields, add conditional logic (e.g., if they fill out this field, then show them this field), or add custom HTML.

This is great for non-profits because it allows you to make the form specific to your organization’s needs.

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