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Chat service for exchanging, text, calls and files.

Fewer meetings, less internal email, all your tools integrated. That's Slack. Sync Across All Devices. Searchable Archive. File Sharing. Instant Messaging. Screen Sharing. Services: Instant Messaging, File Sharing, 1000+ App Integrations, Searchable Archive, Screen Sharing, Voice Calls.

Nonprofit Discount
Standard Plan: Workspaces with 250 or fewer members a free upgrade, and an 85% discount for workspaces above 250 users.Plus Plan: We offer workspaces of any size an 85% discount.
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If your organization is not using Slack yet, you’ll need to first create a workspace. If you’re already using Slack, a Workspace Owner can submit an application.When you’re ready, fill out the Slack for Nonprofits application form. You'll be asked to provide these details: your organization’s legal name, its location, website, and a brief description of what you’re all about.

Nonprofit Usage

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