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October 10, 2020

Nonprofit discounts are available on a variety of software. These discounts can be put to great use when purchasing computer software for a nonprofit organization. In addition, obtaining nonprofit discounts can help a nonprofit organization to save money while still obtaining the software they need with the specifications they require.

Main benefit of reduced pice software for nonprofits

There are many benefits of obtaining nonprofit discounts on software; however, the most important benefit is that it allows a nonprofit organization to purchase software on a budget.  A nonprofit organization may purchase software from a third-party reseller such as NonprofitHQ; however, they may not be able to purchase the software with the specifications that they need within their budget.  Nonprofit discounts are available for all types of software and for all types of computer hardware and peripherals.  This allows the nonprofit organization to obtain the software that they require while still being able to stay within their budget.
In addition to nonprofit discounts being available for all types of software and hardware, nonprofit discounts are available for all types of operating systems.  Many software companies offer a free upgrade to the latest operating system for nonprofits.  This is one of the many ways in which a nonprofit can save money on software by obtaining nonprofit discounts.

Nonprofit discounts in action

Below, there is an example of how a nonprofit, in this case a 501(c)(3) organization, may use nonprofit discounts in order to purchase computer software.
John is the IT director for a small, but growing, nonprofit organization that provides services and programs to local communities to help support their growth.  John's nonprofit organization currently has one computer at their office that is used by multiple people and for various tasks throughout the day.  He would like to purchase another computer at his office so that his employees can stay more productive while at their desk.  He would also like to install more computer programs for his employees so that they can work more efficiently and productively.  However, John only has a small budget that he can spend on both computers and software.
Despite having a small budget, John decides that he would like to purchase both computers and software for his employees because he believes it will make them more efficient at their jobs.  He goes online and searches for "best deals on computers" and finds a great deal on two computers from a local shop.  He also searches "best deals on computer programs" and, after looking through many results, he finds several programs that he would like to purchase for his employees.
When John reviews the prices of the computers from various online stores and compares them to the prices of the same computers from an online store that offers nonprofit discounts, he sees that there is a great deal of savings by purchasing from the store that offers nonprofit discounts.  In fact, by purchasing from the store that offers nonprofit discounts, he is able to obtain two computers with the specifications that he wants within his budget.  He also finds that he can purchase all of the computer programs that he would like for his employees without exceeding his budget for either the computers or the programs.
Although John is able to get all of the software and computers that he wants for his organization within his budget by using nonprofit discounts, there is another benefit that he also receives by purchasing from a store that offers nonprofit discounts: business credibility .  When people see that John purchased software from a company that offers nonprofit discounts, it will show those people how responsible and concerned John is about his organization's money; this is because he did not spend excessive amounts of money on his purchases when there were other companies out there who were willing to work with him in order to help him stay within his budget.

Should I get a discount on my software?

Nonprofit organizations can use nonprofit discounts to purchase both hardware and software and still stay within their budget; however, there are many other benefits of obtaining nonprofit discounts on software such as showing your donors that you are managing your organization's money responsibly .  Purchasing from a company that offers nonprofit discounts can also be beneficial because it gives your organization credibility with both your donors and your employees.

How much can I save on average with a discount?

When purchasing a software program from a store that offers nonprofit discounts, the exact amount that you can save will vary depending on the store, the program, and your organization's requirements. However, by using a store that offers nonprofit discounts, you can generally save around 50% on software programs. For example, if you were to purchase Microsoft Office from an online store that offers nonprofit discounts, you could expect to pay around $100 for the Home and Student edition. If you were to purchase the same Microsoft Office from an online store that does not offer nonprofit discounts, you could expect to pay around $200 for the same product.

How is a discount code or promotional code used?

A discount code is an alphanumeric code that is used at the time of checkout in order to receive a discount on your purchase.  Once you find a store that offers nonprofit discounts and decide which software you would like to purchase, you will see that the software program has a discounted price and that it has a promotional code or discount ID number listed next to it.  Next to the discount ID is a website that you must visit in order to obtain the coupon code for the store.  After visiting this website, you will be able to obtain a promotional code for the software program that you would like to purchase.  Once you have obtained a promotional code for a specific software program, simply add it to your shopping cart and use it at checkout in order to receive your discount.
From looking at the web page below, you can see an example of how a discount ID is used.
The webpage above shows how a discount ID is used when purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro from .  The webpage also shows how much money you can save by using a discount ID when purchasing this product.  In this case, if you were to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro without using a discount ID, you would save $200 on your purchase by using a discount ID.
For more information about getting a discount on software through , please visit us here at:

What are the current software discounts?

There are thousands! I recommend checkig out our deals section for the latest updates and savings. In addition, there are many more software programs available with nonprofit discounts.

What should I look for when choosing software for my nonprofit?

When choosing a store to purchase software from, you should ensure that they are reputable; reputable online stores will offer guarantees or warranties on their products and will be members of one or more trade organizations in order to show business credibility.  You should also ensure that their product listings are clear and informative: they should include all of the specifications of the product that you are interested in as well as detailed images of the product.  There are many other stores out there that offer nonprofit discounts on software that may have exactly what you are looking for; however, we have done a bit of vetting to ensure all vendors on our platform are reputable. Now go save some money for your nonprofit!

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