The Nonprofit Fundraising Master Class

Master the skills you need to meet your fundraising goals with one course.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Masterclass

Learn how to build a donation machine for your nonprofit and boost your fundraising results while capturing more large donors.
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Spend less time attracting donors and double your donations. Seriously.

"Chris knows his stuff and I only wished I had worked with him sooner. We were leaving donations on the table and didn't even know it."

Manuel Asure

"Love it, he's the first thing person recommend to people asking about increasing donations for their nonprofit.."

Stephanie Tolly

"I hit up Chris any time I need advice on how to turn around a rough quarter and he always comes through."

James Elson
CEO + Board Member

Tired of struggling to gain new donors?

Most nonprofits aren't achieving their fundraising goals.

If any of these problems resonate with you then you’re in the right place:

- You qualified for Google Ad Grants but you aren’t seeing great results.

- You don’t know whether to fundraise on Giving Tuesday or not.

- The CEO is expecting a continuous gain in new donors and revenue each month.

- You have forgotten to follow up with donors or a major donor has slipped through your fingers.

- You don't know where to start fundraising online or your growth has  plateaued or is even in decline.

- You know you should automate parts of your job but don’t know how.

- Google Analytics is low on your list of priorities, or not on it at all.

Let's Get Started

You’re in the right place.
Time to learn everything you need to crush your fundraising goals.


The most effective online channels to raise funds from individual donors.


How to create a recurring revenue stream with recurring monthly and annual donations


Start to scale your own nonprofit and raise more funds than ever before.


Course Overview

Planning a Strategy

Learn which channels convert best for which types of nonprofits and begin to plan your fundraising growth.

Maximizing Google Ad Grants

Take full advantage of the free $10,000/month grant from Google to increase your donations.

Key Metrics

Finally understand which charts and numbers to focus on.

Small Donor Fundraising Methods

From Facebook Fundraisers to giveaways, influencers and donation optimization, learn what works for nonprofits around the world.

Donations on Autopilot with Facebook Fundraising

Experience how easy it is to activate your network and generate thousands in additional revenue per month!

Project Management

Strategies, tools, discounts and guidance on how to structure and execute a fundraising strategy, from the one person fundraising team all the way up to international nonprofits.

Easily Creating Engaging Ads (videos!)

Create your very own ad creative for your nonprofit and exit the course with a designer black belt.

Automating Donor Communication

Did you know you can automate thank you's, receipts and more? Learn how to convert more donors and thank each and every one, without spending any additional time!

Becoming A Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics is a free and powerful solution to tracking everything from site visits to revenue. Learn how to fully utilize the tool for your nonprofit.

Time To Have Your Best Year Yet

Smash your fundraising goals

Your Instructor

Chris Frantz

I began at a creative agency, creating ads and marketing materials for brands like BMW and nonprofits like Habitat For Humanity. In the last decade, I've worked in the startup world and the nonprofit world, accumulating experience that has led companies to millions in revenue and nonprofits to record-breaking donations.

Now I'd like to share what I've learned. Join us and learn everything you need to know to generate more donations, establish a better work-life balance through effective (automated) fundraising and progress your career in a way you never thought possible.

Put the fun back in fundraising.

Really. This job should be fun.

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